Wiseguy ft Kristjan – Who am i (june 2024)

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About who  am I:
I wrote these lyrics while i was sitting in Toyota Auris 😀 It was a random fun recording. Fully experimental. Here i released my inner Rasta. Also my friend Wiseguy experimented with rap in English.


Kristjan – M biz (May 2024)

About M biz

Recently, I turned 35, a significant milestone in my life, which has always been connected with music. To celebrate this jubilee, I released a track named “M Biz” (Music Business for those who need the meaning behind the codename). This song talks about the struggles that most independent artists experience and reflects on my career and attitude towards my current achievements. Big ups to my friend and colleague Univerbal for his amazing work on the cuts. The track is produced by me.


Kristjan – Jewelry (Treasure Style) Radio Edit (March 2024)

Kristjan – Jewelry (Treasure Style) Original (March 2024)

About Jewelry:
People who have experienced near-death experiences often find that their thinking and priorities change. I was lucky enough to experience a near-death experience myself when I was 14, becoming a teenage stroke survivor. During that time, I had serious conversations with the universe about the meaning of life. My conclusion after all of this was that I don’t have the right to waste my life on something that is not most precious to me. If there was one thing that I always wanted to do, it was to become a rapper and create one-on-one music like I am making today. This song tells the story of how the stroke made me find my true calling (hip-hop music). Which is my treasure and jewelry . In this song, I also received help in vocals from my son, Thomas, who is another form of treasure for me, just in a different context.


Kristjan – Dear God (March 2024)

After 5 years of silence, ‘Dear God’ marks Kristjan’s return with a single where he lyrically reflects on the low points he has experienced in the past 7 years. In the song, Kristjan confronts his struggles with drugs, dealing with the wrong people, and facing illness. Additionally, he delves into the challenges of getting stuck in an unfulfilling 9 to 5 routine.

Furthermore, in this track, he attempts to communicate with a higher power to seek understanding or find reasons behind his experiences. Musically, it’s a classic Boombap track, with production handled by Kristjan himself.

Kristjan – Reflection (October 2016)

Reflection” is a classic rap album by Kristjan and LostLaura, recorded from 2012 to 2015 and released in 2016. Lyrically, the album predominantly explores the proactive struggle of individuals against a reactive society